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If you ask a small child where hamburgers come from, he or she will probably point to a fast food restaurant.  An extremely bright girl or boy might single out the meat and poultry section of the local supermarket.  How many children will think of the cow?  Or the ranch where the cow was raised?  Not many.  Most young children have only a vague idea of where their food comes from.   

If you ask a child where freedom comes from, don’t be surprised if you get a blank stare instead of an answer.  American children grow up surrounded by freedom.  It fills the very air they breathe, and they don’t spend much time thinking about the source of this amazing gift.  In my opinion, that’s nothing short of a tragedy.  Freedom does not spring forth magically from the ground.  It can only be purchased with the coin of sacrifice.  History has proven, time and again, that freedom can (and will) slip away from those who fail to properly cherish and defend their sacred liberties. 

The author of this book, David Rabb, and his young illustrator and editor, Isha and Gaya Gupta, have done an extraordinary job of introducing children to the source of this nation’s liberty.  Read this book to your children.  Talk to them about it.  It’s never too early (or too late) to introduce them to the veterans who give so much, and ask so very little.

Take the time.  Teach your children about the men and women who keep America strong.  It’s as easy as A … B … C ...

Jeff Edwards, Chief Petty Officer, United States Navy (Ret.), award-winning author of TORPEDO, THE SEVENTH ANGEL, and SWORD OF SHIVA



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